Adding a flag to your outdoor space brings color and artistry to your exterior décor. Try these three creative ways to display your decorative garden flags.

Display Flags in Clusters

Who says you can only use one garden flag at a time? Displaying garden flags in a cluster creates a beautiful, playful focal point in your yard. A group of flags can help fill in blank spots in your garden until plants emerge in the spring or enhance areas dominated by an uninterrupted row of green shrubbery. Choose flags that share a theme, like birds, or mix and match floral flags with flags that feature butterflies and animals. You could also display a few flags designed by the same artist to create a coordinated, cohesive look.


Use Garden Flags As Window Coverings

Garden flags don’t always have to hang on a post or stand in or near a flower bed. They also work as decorative window covers! A decorative garden flag – or larger standard flag – might be the answer if you need to disguise an old window until you get around to painting or replacing it. They’re also helpful for covering windows in a garden shed that are displaying a bit more of your gardening equipment than you need to share with visitors.

Place Garden Flags Along Your Driveway or Next to Your Mailbox

Change the word “garden” to “outdoor,” and you automatically expand your options for displaying your garden flags. If you have a long driveway, create a series of flags with welcome messages, a collection of different birds, or a running display of flowers. A set of seasonal flags created to celebrate spring, summer, fall, winter, or seasonal holidays, create happy anticipation of what’s to come when you greet your guests.

You can also place a garden flag next to your mailbox as long as it doesn’t interfere with or create a hazard to your mail carrier. Pair a garden flag with one of our magnetic MailWraps® mailbox covers for a coordinated display. Shop our wide selection of artist-designed garden flags today!