It’s finally SPRING! I already have so many things on my checklist – build raised gardening beds, pick out flowers to plant, and do some spring cleaning. What kinds of things are on your list?

My goal is to put together a garden oasis. I want to spend more time relaxing and unwinding in my garden this spring and summer – I'm sure you do as well! :) As I’m imagining and planning my garden layout, I know there’s a lot to accomplish. The list is long, but there are a few products that will quickly make a big impact on my space (and yours, too!). Knowing I have some quick fixes makes the whole project feel a little less daunting and a lot more fun! 

Of course, there are so many beautiful things that would make your garden even more enjoyable… but these take the cake! We've got three simple tips to help you use unique décor accents to instantly transform your outdoor space.

Art Poles for Every Personality

Adding décor to a garden is one of my favorite ways to express my individuality. Anyone who stops by can find out a bit more about me from my décor style. When looking for that perfect personality statement, Art Poles do just the trick. The designs are vibrant and colorful with so much character and style. Whether you’re someone who loves flowers, butterflies, or just a good inspirational message, there’s an Art Pole for you.

Studio M Art Poles

The best part is how easy these are to install! Every Art Pole comes with hardware, so no need to pick up anything extra from the store. All you have to do is step a stake into the ground and slip the 20” or 40” Art Pole over it. Absolutely no digging required! If you’re going for a 60” pole, just twist the auger into the ground, add the screws, and place the pole over the auger. Voilà – a gorgeous garden statement that elevates your space and hopefully makes you smile!

Beautiful Birding

Picture this – you pour yourself a cup of coffee, walk outside to your garden, and see a few birds in a gorgeous birdbath, singing sweet songs and preening their feathers. How perfect does that sound?!

Studio M Birding products

Creating a space for birds in your garden is a great way to feel connected to nature, and it's super easy to do. Just pop a birdhouse or birdbath into your yard and watch those cardinals, bluebirds, and chickadees settle in. You'll be endlessly entertained by your new feathered friends. Whether you're watching them fly in and out of a birdhouse or drink from a birdbath, there will always be activity buzzing around your yard.

Memorial & Meditation

Your garden should be a peaceful place – a spot where you can reflect, rejuvenate, and relax. Having an area to remember a loved one in your garden can be a very special way to keep their spirit alive and help you feel more connected to them. You could plant their favorite flowers or simply add a special décor piece like an Art Pole or garden flag to create a beautiful memorial space.

In Memory of Mom Art Pole and Garden Flag

You could also create a place to get inspired. Maybe you start each day with some special words that get you motivated. Why not create a place in the garden that helps you stay mindful as well? Bring in some fragrant flowers to awaken your senses and a few meaningful accents that remind you of a message you've chosen to focus on. Is it peace, love, hope? There might be a Garden Angel with just the sentiment you're looking for. 

Studio M Garden Angels

Here are a few that might resonate with you:

Our heart is measured by the love we give to others.Big Hearted Garden Angel

The best way to find your own peace is by spreading it to others.Peace Garden Angel

Live your life to the fullest, follow your heart, and may you always find joy and good fortune.Ladybugs and Daisies Garden Angel

Studio M Garden Angels

Have you always wanted to create a Zen place in your garden to meditate and ponder? Now’s the time to make one! Bring in some calming plants (lavender is a great option!), an inspiring garden flag, or wind chimes that create peaceful music. Adding a few special accents will help you get into a mindset of serenity and relaxation.

Peace and Calm garden flag

I hope these tips inspire you to decorate and enjoy your garden this spring and summer. Let me know which décor item you’d like to try!

Here’s to flowers, sunshine, and tranquility in your outdoor space.

Ashlee Xavier, Marketing Specialist