Your front door can present a blank face to visitors, or it can set a tone of welcome and whimsy for your guests. Instead of traditional holiday wreaths, adorn your entrance with a few of these five creative accents you can hang on your front door.


Try hanging a narrow basket on your front door filled with fresh or dried flowers (changed frequently). A seasonal arrangement of blooms and branches in a basket hung with a decorative ribbon adds color and warmth to your front door.


Visitors will know they’ve arrived at the right house when you hang a large initial on the door for the first letter of your last name. There are many choices of typefaces you can select from, like calligraphy-style swirls or classic newspaper-style letters.

Weatherproof Seasonal Hangings

Even if your front entrance is covered by a roof, weather can still affect your front door decor. Durable, printed door decorations like Studio M Door Décor (made from PVC) are made to endure weather without fading and come in a variety of designs.

Choose seasonal door decor for every time of year and switch out designs regularly to reflect your mood or upcoming holidays. You could even decorate with messages of welcome or whimsical characters. Studio M has a broad collection of door decor to reflect every season and mood, all designed by artists to add a unique look to your entry.



Hang a rectangular chalkboard on your front door, and you can change your message daily, like the menu in a restaurant. Use a little humor in your message, from “Now Serving Good Times” to “The Cat Will Judge You Now” or anything else that gives a hint of what your friends will find once inside.

Floral Swag

Wreaths are a dime a dozen, from holiday evergreens to dried wheat stalks or grapevines. But a slender hanging of fresh flowers from your own garden is unique. Or you could use silk flowers with whimsical accents like acorns or bells for another creative accent you can hang on your front door.

If you’re not great at making your own arrangements, try hanging a large umbrella upside down with its strap holding it loosely closed. Then, fill the opening with long flowers like gladiolus, irises, or lilies.

Stretch your imagination beyond wreaths to include fun things like watering cans, empty picture frames, or even miniature musical instruments to help your door tell a story. Have fun with it!