The holidays are a chance to reconnect with friends and family over good food and shared memories. Catch up with people you love after a long year, or just invite a group of friends over for a casual get-together. Either way, you’ll want your home to present a warm, welcoming personality that makes everyone comfortable. These five holiday hosting tips every homeowner must know will help you get ready so you can have a great time with your guests.

Make Sure They Can Find You

If it’s been a long time since one of your guests has visited, or if you’re holding a holiday open house in your new home, make sure friends and family can find you easily. Use seasonal outdoor decor that captures attention as people drive down your street.

Let your guests know what to look for – ie “we’re the house with the decorative holiday Art Pole” or “keep an eye out for a Santa flag – that us!” You might also want to test the visibility of your garden flag or Art Pole to make sure your partygoers can see it when they arrive. While you’re at it, you could upgrade your house numbers and add a decorative mailbox cover that will stand out from your neighbors.


Get the Bathroom Ready

The first thing many guests will want to do after you hang up their coats is to use the restroom. Make sure your powder room is spotless and well stocked with decorative (and functional!) towels, new soaps, and a fresh roll of toilet paper. Mirrors should be clean and free of streaks, and the toilet bowl should be fresh, with no unsightly rings.

Share the Wi-Fi

Guests arriving for an overnight stay who have spent their day on a plane will need a fresh charge and a Wi-Fi connection for their phone. After they’ve checked with the pet sitter and cleared their email, they’ll be ready to settle in and enjoy all you’ve prepared for them.

Reconfigure Your Bar

Many people have adopted a no-alcohol lifestyle. You can still make festive drinks with new, non-alcoholic cocktail mixes. Also keep a selection of red and white wines, beer, and basic spirits, like scotch or bourbon, gin, rum, and vodka. Stock your fridge with seltzer, tonic, and soft drinks as mixers. If there will be children, consider juice boxes and non-alcoholic punch.


Closet Space and Floor Mats

Before your guests arrive, clear out closet space for hanging coats. Make sure you have mats both outside and inside your front door to catch the slush, snow, and mud that comes with the season. Vinyl rugs and MatMates come in many colorful patterns, and they’re thin enough to fit under the door as it opens. They’re also quite easy to clean! Offer your guests a place to put their shoes and a chance to change into clean slippers or loafers.

These are just five holiday hosting tips every homeowner must know to ensure your guests can find you and relax in your home this holiday season.