The outdoor spaces that surround your home aren’t just for show, they’re for enjoyment. Among the trees, shrubs, and flowers you planted, these five must-have garden accents for your outdoor space can provide hours of delight for your family and guests.


You may think that the plants in the ground are sufficient, but seasonal changes can rob your garden of color and interest. Planters are the first among our five must-have garden accents for your outdoor space because they provide three-season interest and can help frame your outdoor spaces.

Adding seasonal flowers and plants to your colorful, artistic planters can give structure, height, and dimension to your garden. When strategically positioned around your hardscape, planters can provide a transition between patios and decks and add to the fullness of the plants growing in the ground.



Garden benches provide a place to contemplate the beauty and peace of your outdoor space. Bistro tables and chairs offer a comfortable place for conversation, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres, and another surface to display a small vase or planter featuring seasonal blossoms.

Figurines and Statuary

Figurines peeking out from the changing foliage also make for enjoyable garden accents. Where figurines can add a bit of whimsy, statuary can add structure and depth to your garden. Both accents can act as reminders to some that gardens connect us to our spiritual side and give us an appreciation of the abundance of creation in nature.



A string of fairy lights, or some carefully placed solar lights, along a garden path can help transition your enjoyment of your outdoor areas from day to night, offering a gentle glow or twinkle to create a festive atmosphere for your family and guests.


Decorative yard flags can create a focal point in your outdoor space. Best of all, you can use several flags in rotation for seasonal changes, to mark holidays, or for messages of welcome and hope in your yard or garden. Place them in flower beds, along your driveway, or to mark a garden entrance at a gate or arch.


Your outdoor space adds valuable square footage to your overall living space, giving you the chance to fully enjoy your home. Try one of these five must-have garden accents for your outdoor space today!