After enduring a pandemic for over two years, people have held onto certain hobbies as life starts to get back to normal. One pastime that certainly gained popularity during the pandemic has been enjoying time outside in the garden or front yard. Now that the outdoors has become more a part of our homes than ever, Better Homes & Gardens has identified the top trends you’ve got to try in your outdoor spaces in 2022! Let’s take a look at some for inspiration.

Front Porch Living

People desire connection now more than ever. Why not put together a sitting area on your front porch to greet neighbors at a safe distance?  Add a welcoming MailWrap, Yard DeSign, or garden flag to greet friends and family as they walk up to your space. These easy, colorful additions will instantly make your space feel more inviting. To get the conversation started, add a cheerful MatMate and Door Décor to your porch – with so many unique, artistic designs, these items will surely give you and your guests something to talk about.



Backyard Birds

Being at home more often, we’ve noticed the little things in nature like never before. According to the National Audubon Society, many of us have been diving headfirst into backyard birding. It's been fun spending more time watching visiting birds pass by the window or make a home in the yard. This quickly growing hobby has inspired more people to make places for birds to thrive. Birdhouses and birdbaths will surely keep the birdies coming and will create gorgeous focal points in your garden or landscape. Don't forget to add bird-friendly plants to your garden as well!



Creative WFH Spaces 

Hey, work-from-home friends! This trend is for you. Now that you’ve been able to work in the comfort of your home, what about on your patio? Create an inviting outdoor area with plants, lanterns, and a colorful vinyl rug. Your mood will be boosted instantly by the sun shining and the gorgeous space you’ve set up. Just grab your laptop and iced tea, and you’re ready to work!


Your new workspace will require a little privacy for those back-to-back Zoom meetings. Make sure to add some curtains or shades to define your space. These artistic Silhouette Shades are a great alternative to heavy curtains or privacy panels, and will offer the best of both worlds - dappled sun and a little shade to make it easier to work on your computer. 


You can even use these shades to create some separation between the inside of your home and your new workspace on the porch. Hang inside on glass doors if you need privacy from the kids or other family members working from home.

sun patio outdoors vertical@sharynsowell


Bold, Beautiful Color

This summer, don’t be afraid to play with color in your garden. Go bold with your flowers and plants. Mix and match different types of blooms to create your very own technicolor cutting garden. Add fun, extra elements like Art Poles to your planters or garden bed to bring even more vibrant hues to your landscape. With tons of unique patterns and empowering messages, Art Poles can help you add a little piece of you to your garden.


You can even add Mini Poles to those homemade bouquets you create with your backyard blooms - what a perfect gift!

Canva Design DAFCZF4EB7I


Plant Local & Save the Bees

Help your local ecosystem thrive by adding native plants to your garden! Ask your local garden center or do a quick Google search to find flowers that are local to your area and will help bees maintain strong habitats. Celebrate your environmental efforts by adding decor that highlights birds, blooms, bees, and butterflies to your garden as well! 


I hope these trends get you excited to embrace summer in new ways. Which one speaks to you the most? Let me know in the comments! :) 

Cheers to a season of outdoor hangouts, planting flowers, and enjoying nature.


Ashlee Xavier, Studio M Marketing Specialist