Your home’s exterior creates an expectation of what the interior is like. A cold, dark, cheerless front entry causes first-time visitors to anticipate a grim picture when you open your front door. First impressions are one of five reasons your home needs entrance doormats.

1. Stop Dirt and Moisture at Your Door

Door mats are there to absorb moisture and trap dirt. Their very presence causes visitors to instinctively wipe their feet before entering your home. A door mat acts as a barrier to mud, allergens, and water that might otherwise soil your home’s entrance and travel all around your house.

2. Set the Tone

They’re called welcome mats for a reason. A cheerful doormat with an artistic design that adds color or conveys warmth is a wonderful way to create the expectation of the warm reception visitors will receive in your lovely home.

Interchangeable doormats allow you to alter the mood of your entry according to the season. Your friends and family will look forward to the seasonally appropriate greeting they’ll find at your front door.

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3. Prevent Slipping

Another practical purpose among our five reasons your home needs entrance doormats is to help prevent slipping. Doormats provide traction, absorb snow, ice, and rain off the soles of shoes and boots, and provide a skid-resistant spot on your front porch or stoop for guests to gain their footing during inclement weather.

4. Protect Floors

Keeping water and dirt off your floors prolongs the time between refinishing or carpet replacement. Doormats encourage guests to be mindful of your floors. An outdoor mat will prepare guests for a gentle request to remove their shoes upon entering your home. If you don’t require visitors to take their shoes off with a doormat, at least their shoes will be cleaner, tracking less dirt and debris into your home. 

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5. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Dirt dries out and can become airborne. Likewise, you and your guests can unwittingly track allergens into the home on the bottoms of your shoes or boots. Door mats can reduce the amount of particulates that enter your home and eventually enter your indoor air.

Studio M offers a collection of artist-designed door mats to suit your every mood, complement outdoor and indoor décor, or correspond with seasonal holidays. Browse our collection today and contact us with any questions you have. We’re happy to help and look forward to having you join our community of customers who love adding artistic touches to their indoor and outdoor spaces.