Even if you have no plans to sell your home, it’s still important to learn simple ways to boost your home’s curb appeal. Guests will feel more welcome, neighbors will appreciate how your home beautifies your street, and you’ll feel better about doing all the things that keep your home in top condition.

Start at the Curb

There’s a reason they call it curb appeal. While the outside of your home is what curb appeal is all about, one of the first things passersby will see is your mailbox at the end of your driveway.

Spruce up your plain mailbox with seasonal decorations (but don’t interfere with mail delivery—check with your local post office before making any changes). MailWraps® magnetic mailbox covers from Studio M come in a wide variety of designs that mark holidays or echo the natural changes of the seasons.

These magnetic mailbox covers, featuring birds, flowers, snowy scenes, or sunny settings, allow you to easily switch from one design to the next. When the season changes, remove the current cover, replace it with an appropriately seasonal one, and save the other for next year.

Emphasize Landscaping

The next thing visitors will notice is your front yard. Is it a boring, unbroken expanse of grass? Have you neglected your garden beds, shrubs, and trees? Landscape upkeep is an important aspect of curb appeal. Make sure you keep your garden trimmed and tidy, your shrubs pruned, and your trees healthy.

Also, add interest to garden beds year-round with art poles, bird baths, figurines, or yard flags. Use different themes that appeal to you, like flowers or wildlife, with shades for privacy or bells that tinkle gently in the breeze.

Make It Artistic

Cookie-cutter curb appeal fades into the background. So select artist-designed items from Studio M’s large collections to give your home style with an artistic flair. Our partnerships with a global network of artists afford you a wide selection of unique pieces that you and your neighbors won’t find on every chain store shelf.

Highlight House Numbers

Also, adding distinctive house numbers is a simple way to boost your home’s curb appeal. Use one of Studio M’s Yard DeSigns™. Paired with a low or high stand available from Studio M, you can change your house number sign seasonally to coordinate with your mailbox cover.


Work on Your Front Entry

Curb appeal doesn’t stop when guests reach your front door. Good lighting, a colorful doormat, and seasonal planters add personality and a sense of style to your entry. Whimsical front door décor breaks the ice with visitors, offering a cheery welcome, a seasonal touch, or a monogram initial that tells them they’re in the right place.

Putting a fresh face on your house with an artistic yard and door decorations makes your home stand out to others and makes you feel good when you come home each day.