Your patio or deck enhances your enjoyment of summertime by providing a relaxing space to be outside. Patios are great places to socialize and ponder, and beautiful decoration makes them better. Keep your outdoor patio vibrant with these five ways to refresh your outdoor patio design.

Use Planters To Define Space

A large deck or patio can swallow up furnishings without some additional decor to fill in the space. Use large planters filled with seasonal flowers or tall potted plants to define your patio and separate areas for dining, sun, or shade.



Add Colorful Cushions

Sometimes all it takes to refresh your outdoor patio design is a new set of cushions for your chairs and outdoor couch. Brighten the space with bright, tropical colors, or use a selection of pastels to evoke an endless summery feeling.

Keep a few sets of cushions in seasonal colors stowed in a protective deck box or clean shed and switch them out as the seasons change for extra holiday cheer.

Consider a Portable Firepit

Advances in materials and design have now made it possible to safely place a portable firepit on your wooden deck—so long as you use a stand to dissipate heat from the bottom of the firepit. You can move a portable fire bowl around your patio and yard to take advantage of different views and spaces when you entertain friends.

Spruce Up Garden Decor

Your patio or deck areas are platforms for enjoying your garden. Highlight your garden areas with outdoor house flags draped from your porch or deck railings or hung from a stand in the garden bed itself. Collect flags with seasonal or holiday themes to display when you’re hosting family celebrations near the holidays.



Light It Up

Remember, it’s best not to light a patio or deck with blaring spotlights—save the brighter lights for outdoor kitchen areas. Instead, your dining, lounging, and conversation areas look best with gentle lighting, such as string lights. You don’t even have to stick to simple white lights. Nowadays, you can find string lights in any color. You can even find festive lights shaped like pumpkins or snowflakes!

Refreshing your outdoor patio design doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Choose a few new elements to add seasonally, and you’ll find yourself enjoying your outdoor space year-round—even when the weather requires blankets, hats, and gloves.