Wreaths, garlands, bows and lights—these are the staples of outdoor holiday decorating. But we’ve got 6 fun exterior home decor ideas for the holidays to add individuality and charm to your home for the holiday season. Try a few that appeal to you and express your personality to make your house look warm and welcoming during the holiday season.

Mailbox Covers

As guests drive down your block, looking for your home, a festive mailbox cover tells them that must be the place! Choose several of our holiday-themed MailWraps® to give the practical box at the end of your driveway a festive look. Add an evergreen garland or swag to the mailbox post to complete the holiday look.

Seasonal Window Boxes

When it’s too chilly outside to display blooms in your window boxes, substitute flowers for evergreens and branches. Add a few pine cones and some oversized ornaments to create a happy holiday display.

Vintage Items

Did you keep that old sled from when you were a kid? Or are you itching to make use of your latest flea market or barn sale find? Give vintage items new life as decorative elements for your front porch. Use them as vases or planters and add a ribbon or an evergreen swag to make an old sled or a pair of skis stand out.

Repurpose other vintage items such as farm milk jugs, buckets, watering cans, old skis, and even ice skates as decor items spruced up with greenery and ribbon, or battery-powered fairy lights.

Garden Art

Durable yard flags and decorative garden posts keep your plant beds looking lively during the holidays. Choose a flag to coordinate with your mailbox cover at the end of the driveway for greater visibility, or place several along your drive or walk to guide visitors toward your home.


Welcome Mats

After Thanksgiving, switch out pumpkin and cornucopia designs on your welcome mat for holiday and wintry themes. Choose colors that coordinate with your front door’s decor for a pulled-together look.


Oversized lanterns filled with ornaments add color and sparkle to your front steps. Or simply use them as intended, with a pillar candle, or add a tangle of twinkling battery-powered lights to provide a warm glow to your front entrance.

There are so many ways to brighten your home’s exterior during the holiday season! We hope a few of these fun exterior home décor ideas for the holidays will help you create a festive display that delights your family and friends.