As soon as the New Year’s Eve confetti clears and partygoers stow their noisemakers, gardeners start dreaming of spring. Whether deep snow covers your garden beds or your lawn looks withered and brown, consider these seven simple ways to refresh your garden in 2023.

Prepare Seating

If your garden area doesn’t already have seating, browse for benches, cafe table sets, and lounge chairs online on those snowy winter days. If you already have seating, consider replacing the cushions or applying a fresh coat of paint or tinted waterproofing.

Start Seeds

Most gardeners know they can start growing some veggies indoors before transplanting them outside, but you may not be aware that you can also start flowers indoors. Shop seed catalogs for seed mixes that will provide color all summer long.

Select Pots

All gardens, especially small ones, benefit from planters. They add height and provide additional space to display annuals, decorative grasses, or container gardens that combine cascading vines with more upright plants.

Paint your pots in colorful designs, or shop for a few artful planters that will brighten a corner of your garden without requiring digging.

Brighten Your Beds

Along with artistic planters, you can add decorative garden signs that display a message of welcome, a holiday greeting, or provide a colorful background for your house numbers in a more visible location than above your door.

Choose a Spot for Birds

Welcoming birds to your garden is a great way to add movement, color, and interest. Select a colorful birdhouse and place it in a sheltered, visible spot in your garden bed. Or, for extra movement and fun, choose a birdbath. Feathered friends will splash and sip, and you’ll get hours of free entertainment just watching them enjoy the water.

Choose Annuals

Plan to fill blank places in your garden with colorful annuals. They require little maintenance other than deadheading and watering. Browse some garden catalogs and come up with a list of plants in the colors you love that you could add in the spring for full-season bloom.

Decorate Your Door

Although you may prefer to spend most of your spring and summer outside on the back patio, friends, guests, and delivery people focus on your front door. Show them you care about the impression they get when they come up those front steps.

Choose door decorations that express your style and complement the season. You can switch door decor as the seasons change. You can even use found objects, such as watering cans, umbrellas, and picture frames, as whimsical ways to highlight the “face” of your home.

The great thing about these ways to refresh your garden in 2023 is their versatility: they’re highly customizable! Start planning how you’ll express your style in your garden this spring; when it’s time to plant, clean up and add compost and mulch to your garden beds, then replace those tired plants and shrubs with new blooming plants.