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5 Perfect Housewarming Gifts for a New Homeowner

Settling into a new home is exciting and a little overwhelming. These 5 perfect housewarming gifts for a new homeowner...


5 Tips for Creating a Bird-Friendly Garden

Birds add color, sound, and activity to your outdoor spaces. Here are 5 tips for creating a bird-friendly garden that...


7 Spring Decorations That Will Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When you finish your indoor spring-cleaning list, your home’s exterior is next. Here are 7 spring decorations that will...


5 Reasons Every Home Should Have Garden Flags

You’ve seen outdoor decorative flags flying from neighbors’ porches or planted in front-yard flower beds. Learn 5...


5 Creative Ways To Use Decorative Planters in Your Home

Plants add a breath of fresh air to your home. These 5 creative ways to use decorative planters work anywhere, from the...


4 Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Garden Theme

Designing a garden around a unifying idea can filter your plant choices and inspire your decor. Here are 4 tips for...


6 Essential Decorations for Your Front Porch

A front porch provides a wonderful welcome to any home. Make sure you take advantage of these six essential decorations...

Vinyl Rugs

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Rug To Match Your Floor

Floor coverings add color, warmth, and protection to hardwood, stone, or tile. Here are 4 tips for choosing the right...

Art Poles

How a Peaceful Garden Adds Value to Your Home

A garden is a great way to add interest to your property. Learn how a peaceful garden adds value to your home and find...


6 Tips for Starting Your First Ornamental Garden

A new garden presents a blank slate. But how do you decide what to do with it? These six tips for starting your first...

Home Decor

7 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Garden in 2023

Admit it—you started thinking about your garden around January 2nd, long before any sign of spring. Visualize these 7...

Home Decor

The Only Home Exterior Spring-Cleaning Checklist You Need

When the weather warms up and the sun stays in the sky for longer, it’s time to go outside! Here’s the only home...

Home Decor

Essential Vinyl Rug Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Caring for floor coverings is easier than ever with vinyl rugs. Learn these essential vinyl rug cleaning tips and...

What’s the Best Way To Display Decorative Garden Flags?

Adding a colorful banner to your front yard decor can boost your mood and your home’s appeal. But what’s the best way...

The Benefits of Adding an Art Pole to Your Garden

Gardens provide enjoyment for you, your guests, and passersby—enhance it with unique décor. Discover the benefits of...


How To Create a Cozy Garden You’ll Never Want To Leave

Want a garden that impresses others but is also designed for you? Here’s how to create a cozy garden you’ll never want...

5 Tips for Keeping Entry Doormats Clean

Doormats collect dirt you don’t want in your home. Learn these 5 tips for keeping entry doormats clean to keep them...

Essential Vinyl Rug Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Caring for floor coverings is easier than ever with vinyl rugs. Learn these essential vinyl rug cleaning tips and...

6 Fun Exterior Home Decor Ideas for the Holidays

Bring on the greenery, lights, & ribbons! Add a few of these 6 fun exterior home decor ideas for the holidays to make...

5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Even if you have no plans to sell your home, these 5 simple ways to boost your home’s curb appeal will make your home...


How To Mix and Match Doormats for a Layered Look

Creating a welcoming space at your front door takes just a little imagination. Learn how to mix & match doormats for a...

Home Decor

Commonly Overlooked Yard Decorations You Should Try

Go beyond your usual garden decor with these commonly overlooked yard decorations you should try. Add some color and...

Art Pots

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Every year, there’s always someone on your holiday list who wants for nothing. Consider these unique holiday gift ideas...

Art Planters

5 Ways To Refresh Your Outdoor Patio Design

Patio space helps you enjoy your garden and is great for entertaining. Boost the welcoming effect with these five ways...

How To Style Your Home for the Holidays in 2022

The holidays bring good cheer, good food, and good friends. Boost your celebrations by learning how to style your home...

5 Creative Accents You Can Hang On Your Front Door

We’re all familiar with holiday wreaths, but what about the rest of the year? Here are 5 creative accents you can hang...


5 Holiday Hosting Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

The holiday season brings guests and good cheer. These 5 holiday hosting tips every homeowner must know will help you...


How To Make Your Mailbox Stand Out With Fall Flair

It’s time for gourds and pumpkins! Fall décor can be so much fun. Lean into autumn by learning how to make your mailbox...


5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Bird Bath

Adding a bird bath to your yard can provide hours of enjoyment from observing different species of birds. Learn five...


Foolproof Decorating Tips for Every Thanksgiving Hostess

Get your home ready for your most welcoming Thanksgiving party yet with these tried-and-true fall decorating tips! 

Garden Decor

5 Must-Have Garden Accents for Your Outdoor Space

When you create a beautiful garden, you want to enjoy it. These 5 must-have garden accents for your outdoor space will...


Tips for Choosing the Right Doormat for Your Home

Making your guests feel welcome starts outside your home. Learn some tips for choosing the right doormat for your home...

Vinyl Rugs

How To Choose the Perfect Size Vinyl Rug for Your Home

Vinyl floor coverings are an easy, modern way to update your décor and protect floors in high-traffic areas of your...

Vinyl Rugs

Cute & Easy to Clean? We've Got the Best Rugs For Kids

Elevate your child's room, play area, or nursery with beautifully designed rugs that are hypoallergenic & completely...

Home Decor

5 Quick Decorating Ideas To Elevate Your Home Décor

Being busy shouldn’t keep you from styling your home for comfort and appeal. Try these five quick decorating ideas to...

Ways To Spruce Up Your Mailbox for the Ultimate Curb Appeal

Your mailbox is your home’s first impression for visitors and passers-by. Learn ways to spruce up your mailbox for the...


Why Decorating Your Front Door Is Important

Your front door welcomes visitors and sets expectations about what’s inside your home. These are just two reasons why...

3 Stylish & Creative Ways To Dress Up Your Floors With Rugs

Refinished hardwood or new tile is wonderful until you notice it looks a little blank. Here are three creative ways to...

Features To Include in Your Backyard Bird Sanctuary

Watching birds can be calming, amusing, and exciting. Learn what features to include in your backyard bird sanctuary to...

How Garden Art Can Make Your Yard More Whimsical

Take your gardens from pretty to magical by learning how garden art can make your yard more whimsical. Learn techniques...

3 Creative Ways To Display Your Decorative Garden Flags

Outdoor décor shows family, friends, and passersby your appreciation of art and design. Try these three creative ways...

Is It OK To Decorate Your Mailbox? What You Should Know

Curbside décor is a tradition for many homeowners, especially around the holidays. But is it OK to decorate your...

Garden Decor

Why Your Garden Should Reflect Your Style

Furniture, colors, and decor pieces express your idea of home. Extend that expression to your exterior spaces. Here’s...


Top 5 Outdoor Décor Items To Make Your Garden Stand Out

Outdoor spaces can be peaceful retreats in good weather. But for attractiveness, nothing beats these top five outdoor...

Home Decor

How To Create a More Inviting and Welcoming Home Space

Photos in interior design magazines look stylish, but would you want to visit the featured house? Learn how to create a...

5 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Front Door Appeal

Your front entry sends a signal of welcome to visitors. Try these five easy ways to enhance your front door appeal to...

Vinyl Rugs vs. Traditional Floor Mats: Which Is Better?

Options for floor coverings have expanded recently, with new materials coming on the scene. Consider vinyl rugs vs....


How To Clean and Maintain Your Decorative Garden Flags

If you want to keep your seasonal flags and banners looking beautiful for years, learn how to clean and maintain your...


Expert Advice To Create a Welcoming Entry Space

Your front door is the portal to your home. It creates a strong first impression. Allow us to offer some expert advice...


Top 3 Places to Decorate for Fall

Try decorating in these go-to spots around your home this autumn!

5 Reasons Your Home Needs Entrance Doormats

Home décor starts at the front door. Learn five reasons your home needs entrance doormats and consider options that...

Artist Features

Artist Spotlight: Suzanne Nicoll

Get to know artist Suzanne Nicoll and what inspired her to create Floor Flair collections for everyday living.


5 Must-Try Garden Trends for Summer

Find out which garden trends your peers are trying in their outdoor spaces! 

Artist Features

Artist Spotlight: Kenzie Elston & Lori Siebert

Get to know the mother-daughter artist duo that's making a splash at Studio M!

Garden Decor

5 Must-Know Tips for Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Some people love summer travel, but if you’re happy in your yard, consider these top five must-know tips for decorating...


5 Tips for Attracting Birds to Your Backyard This Spring

Birds can be funny, soothing, and thrilling. Learn five tips for attracting birds to your backyard this spring and...

Mother's Day

Creative Gift Ideas for Mom

Find unique Mother's Day gifts to shower mom and grandma.


3 Tips to Enjoy Your Garden More

Whether you're a beginner gardener or a seasoned one, you'll love these spring gardening tips to decorate your outdoor...


Getting Ready for Easter

Easter bunnies or ducks? Easter eggs or spring flowers? I'm sharing some fun and unique ways to decorate for Easter! 


All About Birding

Embrace neighboring birds by adding a birdhouse, Birdhouse Art Pole, or bird bath to your outdoor space this spring!


Our Family Values

Family is at the heart of Studio M's story and success. Get to know the company's story and the relationships that make...


Artist Spotlight: Wendy Wiinanen

Get to know our artist Wendy Wiinanen, the wonderful designer of many holiday looks for the Christmas season. Get to...


Our Current Summer Faves!

The Studio M team is sharing some of their summer decor favorites. We hope we can help you find something you'll love,...

Home Decor

The Many Places and Spaces for Floor Flair

With just one Floor Flair vinyl rug your space will go from bleh to oh yeah!


The People Behind the Products

Let's take you behind the curtain and explain how we get wonderful product from our hands to yours.


Celebrating Women at Studio M

Hear from some amazing women at Studio M like the Co-Founder, Production Artist, and Fulfillment Coordinators!


The Best Holiday Gifts and Decor

Lift spirits and give the perfect gift! Find out why Mini Art Poles make great gifts and beautiful home accents.


Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Curb Appeal This Fall

Achieve the ultimate fall look for your front porch, garden, or backyard with our decor tips and tricks.


Holiday Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this holiday season!


How to Create Beautiful Holiday Tablescapes

Find out easy and simple ways to elevate your table this holiday season with decor from Studio M.

Art Planters

Fall Favorites from the Studio M Staff

Find out some of our fall favorites for the home and garden.

fashion accessories

Meet the Artist: Cherish Flieder

Get to know the artist behind our Elements collection that includes fashion accessories inspired by the five elements.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Find unforgettable gifts perfect for your mom's style and personality.

Art Planters

3 Ways to Celebrate National Gardening Week

Be inspired by different ways you can join in the celebration of National Gardening Week.


Prepping for Spring Gardening

Learn tips and tricks from our gardening friends across the country to get the most out of your garden.


5 Gorgeous Ways to Deck Out Your Porch This Fall

Five gorgeous ways to deck out your porch this fall with home and garden decor.


5 Tips to Help Your Succulents Thrive

Want to jump on the succulent trend but not sure about how to care for them? Learn 5 tips to help your succulents...



We're so excited to give you behind-the-scenes looks, decorating tips, and more. In this post, you'll learn how Studio...