The New Year is here and I can't help but think about what's to come -- spring. :) It's the season of new beginnings, growth, and possibilities. It's also time for woodland creatures like birds and rabbits to come out and play. The joy of seeing baby birds being born or colorful flowers pop up from the ground is what makes spring exciting.

Have you ever wanted to give a place for birds to find refuge and rest in your garden? Not only is that possible, but you can do it in style. Our birding collection is a unique blend of beauty and functionality. Each item is made with high-quality materials and is built to last. They’ll survive the elements, attract birds to your garden, and add vibrant color to your outdoor space. Get to know more about our Birding products below. We hope you find one that's a perfect fit for your garden and bird visitors. 


Any bird looking for a new home can enjoy our all-weather birdhouses. Each colorful house comes with an entrance hole with a metal protection ring, fledgling ladder, ventilation and drainage holes, plus a removable rooftop for easy cleanout. I recommend tying twine through the hole at the top of the house to hang it on a shepherd's hook. You could also drill it into your wooden fence to hold it in place. Weather permitting, our birdhouses are expected to last up to five years outdoors! 

If your area has a lot of Wrens around, try a birdhouse specifically made for them. You can check them out here.

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Birdhouse Art Poles

If you're looking for a show-stopping decor accent, I recommend a vibrant Birdhouse Art Pole™. Since our Birdhouse Art Poles stand 6' feet tall, you can worry less about predators snooping inside. You can easily unscrew the rooftop to clean it as well. Like our birdhouses, they feature a fledgling ladder, a universal 1.5" hole with a metal protection ring, and holes for ventilation and drainage -- everything needed for birds to thrive! 

Installation in your landscape or garden is a breeze since it's lightweight, and there's no digging required! All the hardware comes with the Birdhouse Art Pole with easy steps to guide you. The vibrant designs will also last for years since it's hand-wrapped with fade-resistant vinyl by our team in St. Louis. 

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Bird Baths

You can now sit back and watch beautiful birds rejuvenate themselves in a gorgeous bird bath. Our bird baths feature stunning stainless steel or copper-plated stainless steel tops that have been hand-hammered in India.

To install, simply twist the provided auger into the ground and slip the birdbath over it. Then place the steel top to put together a lovely oasis for birds in minutes. 

Tip: Not only can birds drink from the bird bath, but if you place a rock on the steel top, bees can drink from it as well. Just make sure the top of the rock is not underwater so the bees can sit. 

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I hope you've learned something new about our birding products! Here's to a spring filled with visiting birds and wonderful memories. 

Take care,

- Ashlee Xavier, Marketing Specialist