As an artist, creating products you love is fun, but to work alongside your mom (aka role model and best friend) is the dream! Meet Kenzie Elston – she’s one of our newest artist partners and her bursts of personality, fresh style, and eye for design are welcome additions to our products! Although she’s new to our crew, Kenzie is no stranger to Studio M. Her mother, Lori Siebert, has been licensing artwork with us for years! Let’s get to know the mother-daughter duo below in a cheerful and inspiring Q & A.

How did you get your start, Kenzie? 

K: “My mom worried she pushed the art world on me, but I always felt like it was my calling. She helped me pursue my dream, and I’ve benefited from riding her coattails a bit. But now I’m really starting to pave my own path.”


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What's it like to work with each other? 

K: “I’m extremely lucky to work with such a strong and creative role model. We can laugh and have fun together. Some of our friends have called us the ‘giggle gals’ – very fitting. 🙂”

L: “I love working with my daughter. We have a very simpatico relationship which makes work easy and enjoyable. It’s exciting to sit in work meetings and go to gift shows together. Doing those things as a team makes work delightful! We love each other, and we both like doing the same type of activities and drawing similar things. Our work relationship is pretty special.”

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What is your work style like as a team?

L: “Kenzie is a great person to bounce ideas back and forth with. We see things in a similar way but in our own lens as well. I love brainstorming with her, too. We share new concepts with each other to get our honest opinions.”

How do you inspire one another? 

K: “She means the world to me. She’s not just my mom but my mentor and best friend. It’s nice to have someone to go to that’s been in the creative business. I always learn from her expertise to help figure out the many sides of this profession.”

L: “It’s really fun to see posts I’m inspired by on Instagram and realize it’s Kenzie’s. 🙃 Whenever I need insight about something or encouragement, Kenzie is always the first person I call.”


What's it like working with Studio M? 

K: “I always admired Studio M as a company before I joined my mom on their licensed art team. They sell amazing, high-quality products that let the art shine. I also appreciate how Studio M showcases some of the original pencil marks in parts of the designs – you can see the artist in their work, and it adds texture and charm.”

L: “I think the world of the company – they’re genuine, authentic, warm, and inviting. They strive for excellence in products and service. It has also been an easy relationship to create and tweak designs that work for their collections while keeping the integrity and style of my designs.”

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What's your favorite collection you've designed for the company? 

K: “Definitely the Flutter By collection that launched in January 2022. The featured artwork was the very first image I created digitally, and I was so proud of how it turned out. It was amazing to take that butterfly and translate it to other products.”

L: “I love creating for their Floor Flair vinyl rug collection – I’ve always wanted to design rugs. Once this product came available at Studio M, I got excited! I also really enjoyed designing the Bird Song bells. I love producing anything with birds and flowers.”

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What's next for the both of you? 

K: “My parents are nearing the age of retirement and the next phase is figuring out what I’m going to do as an individual. Currently, I work for my mom’s company but manage my own clients. I see myself continuing to license my artwork with the amazing contacts I currently work with.”

L: “My future goal is to slowly pull myself out of licensing and do more fine art. I also want to keep hosting art challenges on Instagram every other month. I enjoy creating communities online and in-person while hosting art retreats.”



Thank you for stopping by the blog! I hope you enjoyed getting to know both artists behind some amazing and stunning designs. Check out Kenzie’s and Lori’s collections to enjoy this summer. You can also find them on Instagram here:


Kenzie: @snippetsofwhimsy





Ashlee Xavier, Studio M Marketing Specialist