Yard decorations can add a unique touch to your home’s exterior. Welcome guests, spread festive seasonal cheer, and send a message of hope with some of these commonly overlooked yard decorations you should try.

Art Poles

These decorative pillars enhance your outdoor spaces with color, patterns, and images of plants and wildlife. Available in tall versions to occupy a spot in your garden borders or mini versions you can add to a planter, Art Poles send messages of welcome, support, sympathy, or love. Choose a Bird Bath Art Pole for added interest.



Plant Pokes

These adorable mini-stakes make your outdoor planters pop with a symbol of your favorite sport—such as football, baseball, or soccer—or a charming bluebird. Visitors will stop to appreciate the whimsy of a plant poke that reminds them of their own favorite enthusiasms.

Yard Signs

Many homeowners love to display seasonal flags in their yards. But another commonly overlooked yard decoration you should try is a magnetic yard sign attached to an attractive ornamental post or stake to create a stable point of interest in your yard.

The great thing about these decorative yard signs is their interchangeability: they’re magnetic, so you can easily remove one sign from your stake or post and substitute it with another. You can even add adhesive vinyl house numbers (included with select designs) to create a more attractive way to identify your address.



Outdoor Shades

Create your own dappled sunlight effect with outdoor shades cut with intricate designs of vines, the sun surrounded by roses, or various birds. Silhouette Shades provide privacy without completely screening off your outdoor living space.

At Studio M, our partnership with artists around the globe brings you unique decor for your home and garden. Don’t settle for generic-looking planters, garden flags, or doormats when you can have pieces designed by our artist partners. Browse our collections today!