Gather – what a warm, cozy word. We’re almost to that time of year when we put on our hostess hats to bring our friends and family together. Whether you’re hosting Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving, making your guests feel special and welcome is so important. One way I love to show hospitality is by decorating my home everywhere, especially the first place guests see – the front entrance. Doing this is a great way to give friends and family a warm ‘hello’ before opening the door. To create the warmest welcome yet, follow these foolproof décor tips at your upcoming Thanksgiving gathering.

The Pre-Hello

There’s nothing like driving up to your pal’s house for Friendsgiving and seeing her lawn and front porch sprinkled with inviting décor. Adding a MailWrap on your mailbox or Yard DeSign in your landscape will help your house stand out from the crowd. If you’re inviting new friends over, mention your house is the one with the fall floral mailbox cover, and they won’t miss it! 😉

Thanksgiving Cornucopia MailWrap

Do you usually skip decorating your yard for the holidays? I get that it can seem daunting and hard to know where to start. This Thanksgiving, give it a try with decor that's already coordinated for you! Find a collection that's your style and drop a few pieces into your landscape for a cohesive look. One of my favorite combinations is flags and Art Poles. This duo is a guaranteed way to easily fill your yard but not overflow it. It also looks amazing if you pair a tall 40” or 60” Art Pole with a garden flag as their varied heights will give your space more interest.


Grateful Bouquet 40" Art Pole

A Friendly Front Porch

Once your guests step up to your front door, you can wow them with cozy and cute décor they'll wish they had on their own porches. Inspiring friends to get creative and making them feel welcome is the best feeling – give it a go this year and let me know how it goes! Some of my favorite accents are Door Décor and MatMates. There are so many unique and playful designs to choose from. After opening the door, my guests usually comment on how adorable my Door Décor is and ask where they can get one! 😊 Other items that I love to mix in with my essential décor are lighting and natural pieces. Glowing lanterns and textured, colorful pumpkins will give your front porch an extra something.

Give Thanks Door Decor

After-Dinner Hangout

There’s nothing like inviting friends and family to your back patio for some refreshments and dessert near a cozy fire. Decorating your outdoor hangout area with Art Planters really helps anchor the space. Not only can I use the planters as flowerpots, but I can also fill them with fluffy blankets, fire pit tools, or logs for easy access. Sometimes I need to make more room for my guests on the fly – being able to roll the 15” planters around easily is a lifesaver.

Buffalo Check 12" Art Planter

Thank you for stopping by the blog! I hope hosting and decorating for Thanksgiving this year is a little easier with these tips. Feel free to ask for any more holiday decorating tips in the comments below.

Cheers to a wonderful and memorable fall gathering!


Ashlee Xavier, Studio M Marketing Specialist