For many homeowners, their mailbox is more than just an “in-out” box: it’s a creative outlet! Sprucing up a plain mailbox with holiday garlands or summer flowers provides a creative outlet that sets a welcoming tone for your home. But is it OK to decorate your mailbox? The answer is yes in most areas, but there are certain restrictions you should know.

Don’t Impede Mail Delivery or Pick-Up

The United States Postal Service (USPS) permits mailbox decoration so long as your creative flights of fancy don’t interfere with mail delivery or pick-up. That said, this only applies if you have a full-use mailbox with a flag that indicates when there’s outgoing mail. After you bring a personal touch to your mailbox, ensure the door will open and shut easily and that the flag works.

Don’t Create a Safety Hazard

The USPS doesn’t specify what constitutes a safety hazard, but common sense would tell you not to use decorations that have sharp edges, cause the mailbox to become too hot to touch, or that stick out too far. These issues could interfere with delivery and possibly injure your mail carrier. We all depend on our mail carriers, so decorate with compassion and safety in mind.

No Advertisements

While it is OK to decorate your mailbox, one thing the postal service is specific about is that you can’t attach advertisements, flyers, posters, or branded decals to your mailbox. When others do it, even to alert you to missing persons or pets, they violate USPS regulations. The only exception is a receptacle for receiving newspaper delivery, which must attach to the mailbox post separately and bear only the name of the paper.

Fortunately, this leaves a lot of room for attractive decorations. Magnetic mailbox covers are an easy, versatile solution. They cling to metal mailboxes, covering them with charming, artistic seasonal patterns.

The best thing about magnetic mailbox covers is that they’re easy to change with the seasons! Our Mailwraps® don’t interfere with mail delivery or the operation of your mailbox flag. They use fade-resistant inks from hundreds of licensed artist designs. You’re sure to find several Mailwraps® mailbox covers to suit your sensibilities!


Remember Your HOA

Some homeowners’ associations can be very picky about what kinds of outdoor décor they allow. From the length of your lawn to the types of trees and flowers permitted, HOA rules may limit your décor options. Before you put a lot of effort into decorating your mailbox or installing a raised flower bed around its base, check with your HOA.