Family is an important word around Studio M. A creative couple with children started their business journey over 30 years ago. Sue and Curt Todd wanted to balance more of their family and work lives. When they started to produce MailWraps® in their home, their first employees were Sue and Curt's mothers! As business started to grow, the Todd's knew they needed back up. So Sue decided to hire other moms that were her friends that also wanted to work from home. Some of them are still working with them to this day.

As the company continued to grow, they began to hire more family members, friends, and neighbors, and now there are too many connections to count! Mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, grandmothers and granddaughters, aunts and nephews, neighborhood friends… Studio M is truly a family business.

Since the beginning, a family-oriented style of business has always been important to the Todds. They value quality relationships with everyone involved in their company. With a family-focused state of mind, their business has always thrived. Even when they've faced hard times, the support they've shown to others has always been reciprocated.

Hear from the Todds in a lovely video capturing their most important value: family. 



Let's dive deeper into three relationships that Studio M takes pride in... retailers, artists, and employees. 


Studio M's first and continued successes are due to retailers. Sue shares how it all began with independent store owners. "When customers started to notice our magnetic mailbox cover in a few retail shops, they sent letters to me saying how much they liked our product. So I started a mailing list and invested a little in advertising. Then the mailing list began to grow and more retailers discovered us. From there, we started licensing artwork from local artists in St. Louis. This was when we grew a lot!". Sue and Curt will always be thankful for those first retailers that brought in MailWraps to their stores. Fast forward to 2021, the friendships and partnerships with retailers have only continued to flourish.

Canva Design DAEx_okgSP8Photo credit: Deborah Fears Keeling, Store Owner at Accents in Lynchburg, VA 


Throughout Studio M's search for great art, they've made some very special relationships with talented artists all over the world—some of whom they've been lucky enough to know since the release of MailWraps! And when it was time to add new product lines, there was always room to look for new artists to collaborate and connect with. They owe so much of their growth to the talent and dedication of artists. 

Canva Design DAEyvwoSNPs

Photo credit: Susan Winget, Artist

Take a peek at some touching testimonials from Studio M employees below! We hope their words encourage you and help you get to know us better as a company.

"I love working with my husband and mom. I have literal family and my work family all at the same place. Everyone cares about each other and the work we accomplish – that makes a difference in the workplace." - Kim Shaffer, Art Planter and Art Pot Fulfillment Coordinator

Canva Design DAEyv_Pciqw

Kim Schaffer with her mom, Sandy Julian

"I enjoy working with my family and work-family as well. My co-workers and I take pride in our work. Knowing that we’re assembling good products for customers to enjoy is the best feeling." - Sandy Julian, Art Pole Fulfillment Coordinator

“For more than six years now, I have felt blessed to be a member of Studio M’s growing family. The Todd’s (owners) continue to cultivate a family-oriented culture at Studio M – treating every team member equally and with respect, appreciation, and compassion. Working at Studio M is like no other workplace. It feels like home.” - Karen Slack, Art Director

"I'm approaching retirement and I was one of the first employees to be hired. I'm grateful I was able to have a job with flexibility to still be able to raise a family. Curt and Sue were wonderful people to work for." - Jan Leone, Production Team Member

Canva Design DAEyv8E55pcJan Leone holding a photo of herself working at Studio M in the early 2000s

"From the first day I started, it was like I stepped into heaven. The owners, Sue and Curt Todd, are there for their employees. They also make the work environment feel family-oriented. Being in such a positive environment makes my work feel like fun." - Deb Markovich, Production Detail Assistant

"Studio M is a fun place to work! I love the small office atmosphere. It’s a great way to develop friendships with my co-workers. I also like the family aspect of the workplace. The owners treat you like family, so we treat each other the same way." - Kerri Haag, Marketing Production Artist 

"Sue and Curt are nice, fair, and great to work for. They were there for me when my mom was sick and as I was going through a divorce. Both life experiences were traumatic for me, but they were a big help. They care about their employees and not a lot of company owners are like that." - Diane Giammanco, Accounts Receivable Assistant

Join the Family

We’re looking for dynamic, passionate people to join our team here in St. Louis! A career at Studio M is more than just a job – it’s like joining a family. Know someone in the area? Send them our way! Check out our openings here.

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- Ashlee Xavier, Marketing Specialist