Textile designer.

Vintage wallpaper collector.

Nature lover.

Hydrangea gardener.

Bassett Hound owner.

Connecticut dweller.

These are just some of the things that describe our friend and artist, Suzanne Nicoll. From hydrangeas to gnomes, Suzanne has created many wonderful designs for a variety of Studio M products. Most recently, she’s designed four Floor Flair collections for everyday living. Let’s get to know Suzanne a bit more and find out where her creative inspiration stems from! :)

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About Suzanne 

Suzanne often spends her days creating in her studio near her home which sits on the edge of a 1,200-acre nature preserve in Redding, CT. She is skilled in many art techniques including textile, oil painting, and product design. Suzanne draws a lot of inspiration from the nature around her, especially from the blue hydrangea bushes she tends to throughout the summer months. She describes herself as a quiet person who loves to spend her time hiking with her dogs and catching up with her sons.


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One of Suzanne's Bassett Hounds next to her hydrangea bush

How She Got Started

Suzanne started her career as a textile designer. When Studio M reached out about designing Floor Flair vinyl rugs, she was thrilled! When she began drafting up style options, she thought about Floor Flair as wallpaper for floors. She took inspiration from collected antique wallpaper and her flower garden. Her goal was to create looks that could go with anyone’s home.

Canva Design DAFHdeOawqQSuzanne's art studio

Designing Jubilee

The Jubilee collection (Suzanne’s favorite) was influenced by the colors of restored vintage wallpaper in her friend’s historic New England home. She loved the vine pattern that was on the wallpaper, so she incorporated that look into her design. The entire collection involved vintage style mixed with modern, stylized elements – how fabulous!

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Nantucket Summer Florals

During a New England summer, blue hydrangeas are EVERYWHERE you turn. Suzanne wanted to incorporate this beautiful flower into a collection that was inspired by her summer trips to Nantucket. Everything starts in nature for her designs. She loves stylizing what she sees around her in the outdoors.

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Desert Spring Neutrals

This special collection is for someone who likes contemporary style and neutral tones in their space. Suzanne loved designing a different look for each vinyl rug size. She wanted to offer customers the ability to mix and match colors in a sophisticated way. Using a few different sizes of this collection in an open concept home would look wonderful, Suzanne says.

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Lovely Luna Belle 

Suzanne loves using grey, yellow, and creamy white colors together. She’s always inspired by the softness that this trio brings to her designs. The Luna Belle collection is a fresh take on a floral geometric pattern with subtle colors to complement any room.

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I hope you loved getting to know Suzanne and her design inspirations. Which of her vinyl rug designs speaks to you the most? Let me know in the comments. :) 


Check out Suzanne's vinyl rug designs to enjoy all year round! You can also find her on Instagram here.


Have a wonderful day,


Ashlee Xavier, Studio M Marketing Specialist