Creating a garden takes time, patience, experimentation, and a lot of love. Selecting plants, weeding, watering, and nurturing flowers, shrubs, and trees is a passion for avid gardeners and a pleasure for those who get to enjoy the results.

Outdoor art can be the finishing touch to a well-planned, lovingly tended garden space. Consider the benefits of adding an art pole to your garden.

What Is an Art Pole?

Art poles or garden pillars are decorative posts you can place anywhere in your garden. They display colorful images of flowers, plants, or wildlife and sometimes relay messages of hope, love, faith, or welcome. They add color and interest to any garden. Garden art poles from Studio M are low maintenance, durable, and fade-resistant, with unique artist-designed patterns you won’t find in big-box stores.

Create a Focal Point

Carefully positioned art poles serve as garden focal points, drawing the eye toward the more subtle elements of garden spaces. They catch the eye, giving observers time to notice the gentle ferns, native grasses, or seasonal blooms that surround them.

Fill In Blank Spots

It’s rare that a garden won’t suffer the occasional blank space. A shrub may have failed to thrive, or a grouping of perennials may have matured beyond its ability to produce vigorous blooms year after year. Art poles help fill in thin spots in the garden and will continue to complement any foliage you select to replace plants that have outlived their attractiveness.

Give Birds a Place To Bathe

Some art poles come topped with bird baths. Your art pole bird bath provides the perfect place for birds of all varieties to refresh and rejuvenate. Colorful feathered friends eat harmful insects and pick up seeds to scatter in the landscape, filling your garden with plants next season that add interest and color.

The benefits of adding an art pole to your garden include years of beauty that endures through seasonal changes and varying combinations of plants. Shop for your art pole at Studio M today!