Ever been stuck on finding that perfect décor piece to tie a room together? We’ve got your answer, and it’s a good one. Meet Floor Flair – vinyl rugs with lots of style and, well, flair. ;) With just one rug your space will go from bleh to oh yeah! There are so many places you can use these amazing rugs – the kitchen, hallway, living room, entryway – the list is endless!

To help decide where Floor Flair could fit into your abode, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite go-to spots. Dive in and get inspired!

The Entryway

Sometimes the entryway gets overlooked. Your front porch has a welcoming vibe, and your living room is chic and trendy… but what about the area between the front door and living space? One vinyl rug can change the game. Try placing a 2’ x 3’ or 3’ x 5’ right at the front door as you step inside to create a softer, more welcoming entryway. Your new bit of flair will be the first thing guests admire as they walk in.


Another fun spot to add a pop of color is near your shoe rack or in the mud room. Throw a 2’ x 6’ runner across the floor and voilà – something attractive to look at as you drop your shoes at the door. Don’t worry about tracking dirt onto your rug. Floor Flair is made of super easy-to-clean vinyl so muddy prints can be wiped off in seconds.

The Living Room

Finding the perfect rug for your living room is key – it ties the entire space together! Whether your style is traditional, whimsical, rustic, or modern, our Floor Flair collection has it all. Go for a 4’ x 6’ or 5’ x 7’ to nicely fill a standard living room or den. These larger sizes create a nice focal point and make your space look polished and welcoming.


The Hallway

Feeling like your hallway could use some pizzazz? Our artful 2’ x 6’ and 2.5’ x 7’ runners will bring style and a pop or color to overlooked halls. With fade-resistant inks, our vinyl rugs are perfect for high-traffic area like a hallway. One awesome perk of Floor Flair is that it lies totally flat. This means no more getting tripped up and having to reposition the rug. Now that’s a win!


The Kitchen

Who said the kitchen wasn’t a good spot for a fun rug? Traditional fiber rugs can be a nightmare in such a mess-prone area, but a vinyl rug is the perfect addition. Imagine a beautiful, decorative rug across your kitchen floor… sounds amazing, right? One of our favorite spots to put a rug is right at the kitchen sink. If you’re looking for something to fit the length of your sink, we’d suggest a 2’ x 3’ or 3’ x 5’ rug. If you want a rug that lays in front of your kitchen sink and adjacent cabinets, a 2.5’ x 7’ might be the perfect size.


No matter what size or style you’re looking for, Floor Flair vinyl rugs are an amazing alternative to traditional fiber floor coverings. They’re durable, easy to clean, and stylish! Try one out for a space that’s in need of a little oomph. You won’t regret it. :) For more inspiration, take a peek at our fun Instagram Reel to see how Floor Flair can take your home to the next level!