Between “no mow May” and “rewilding,” many homeowners are rethinking endless stretches of boring and ecologically unsound grass lawns to create areas with native flowers, trees, and shrubs. But giving a garden structure is still a prime tenet of landscape architecture.

Adding works of art can help you achieve that structure while enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space. Consider these top five outdoor décor items to make your garden stand out.


Every outdoor space should have some seating for people to relax on. In addition to functional individual seating or an outdoor dining area, a classic garden bench gracing a lesser-used corner of the yard draws the eye to underappreciated outdoor areas, highlighting the shrubs and flowers you’ve planted there.


Break up your hardscapes with decorative planters. Container gardens add structured beauty to patios and decks while keeping things tidy and reducing weeding time. Choose colorful planters or place classic concrete or terra-cotta planters at the edges of your hardscapes to better define the patio as a separate space.



Planters of different heights add structural interest, but a trellis or two, bearing climbing roses, clematis vines, or supporting a cascade of wisteria draw the eye upward to appreciate the scale of your garden rooms. Don’t overdo it, though, as enclosing your space with trellises will make it feel claustrophobic, and cheat passersby of the view of your beautiful garden haven. If you prefer more privacy, use hedges, archways, and living walls to keep your retreat to yourself.


Visual artists and sculptors have been creating artwork specifically designed to enhance gardens for thousands of years. They’re still working in a variety of media that can be used as outdoor décor to make your garden stand out. Decorative garden poles, flags, figurines, and hanging lanterns express your aesthetic and add a sense of warmth and welcome to your outdoor spaces.


Bird Friendly Features

Your garden attracts essential pollinators such as bees, birds, and butterflies. Invite your avian visitors to stay a while with an artful birdbath or birdhouse. You’ll add joyful birdsong to the many aspects of your garden that make it such an enjoyable place to take a break.

At Studio M, we’re devoted to bringing artist-designed décor to your outdoor spaces. Browse our collection to find many choices for outdoor décor that will make your garden the loveliest and most inviting spot in the neighborhood.