It’s delightful to shop for people you love, selecting the perfect presents for the holidays. Then there are the folks on your list who are impossible gift recipients. It isn’t that they’re ungrateful; it’s just that you know they already have everything you could imagine giving as a gift. However, these unique holiday gift ideas for the person who has everything might fit the bill for those who are more difficult to shop for.

Subscription Boxes

Curated boxes that arrive monthly or quarterly are a great way to please someone who seems to want for nothing. From fruits or wines of the month to meal kits or home decor, everyone can appreciate the convenience of a subscription box. Services that provide these boxes often focus on rare or lesser-known items, giving your gift recipient the chance to be the first to learn about a new or under-the-radar item.


Experiences often last in memory longer than physical things can endure. Try a gift certificate for tickets to a show of their choice at a top theater in your city. Gift them a VIP tour of a museum or show home, or a dinner prepared at home by a personal chef.

Gift memberships can provide ongoing experiences your friend or loved one will cherish. Purchase a membership to a local botanical garden, amusement park, or concert venue that also grants preferred parking to members.

Charitable Donations

Supporting a good cause is something everyone appreciates. Select a worthy non-profit organization and make a donation in your gift recipient’s name. You can contribute to arts organizations, global relief organizations that provide disaster assistance, education, or fresh water, or groups like Heifer International, which allows you to purchase livestock that give families in need a start to becoming more self-sufficient.


While your person who has everything probably has walls filled with pieces from galleries, art fairs, and other places found during their travels, artwork isn’t limited to paintings or photographs. Select artist-designed planters and pots to help adorn the exterior of your friend’s or family member’s home. Choose barware or candlesticks that double as sculptures. Lamps, vases, and even salt and pepper shakers made by creative artists make great gifts. Combining utility with artistic design is an excellent way to find something different for your most difficult gift recipients.




Specialized journals are a fantastic way to acknowledge your gift recipient’s passions. If they are into wines, get them a wine journal where they can record their opinions of wines they try and save the labels of special bottles. Travel journals spur the adventurer to record their impressions of the places they’ve visited. For the fitness enthusiast, a journal beckons in a way that a wristband recording steps per day cannot. With a journal, they can make notes on workouts they enjoyed, exercises they should avoid, and fitness goals.

“It’s the thought that counts” may be cliché, but when you need unique holiday gift ideas for the person who has everything, a little thought goes a long way. We hope these suggestions inspire you this holiday season!