Floor mats and area rugs add color and style to your floors while protecting them from scuffs and dirt. Unfortunately, depending on the material it’s made of, the dirt, dust, and allergens that floor mats keep off your rugs can become embedded in the mat itself.

Vinyl rugs are a relatively new alternative to traditional rubber or fiber floor mats, or textile area rugs. Consider the room or space you’re contemplating putting an area rug, and ask yourself which is better: vinyl rugs or traditional floor mats?

Color and Pattern

You may be surprised to learn that vinyl area rugs come in an amazing array of colors and patterns. Printing on high-quality vinyl can reproduce traditional patterns usually found in luxury hand-knotted textiles, or even create the look of decorative tile on your floors.


Vinyl rugs are kind to your décor budget. You can get the look of an expensive traditional wool or fiber area rug at a much lower cost.


If you treat them right, vinyl rugs will endure for a long time. They won’t get matted-down like fiber rugs tend to after lots of use, and their colors will stay vibrant. Like traditional floor coverings, it’s important to protect vinyl rugs from direct sunlight. Also, try not to drag heavy furniture across a vinyl rug. Other than that, a vinyl rug should provide color and pattern to your home for years.


Heavy rubber floor mats or textile rugs may protect your floors from dirt, mud, and scratches, but they’re often too thick to fit under doors. That makes it difficult to place a traditional floor mat near an entry door, where it is most needed.

Vinyl rugs are very thin and lie flat against your floor. They reduce tripping hazards in high-traffic areas, and doors open right over them. This makes it possible to place them in a variety of areas of your home, even close to a door.



Perhaps the greatest factor weighing in favor of vinyl rugs vs. traditional floor mats is how easy vinyl is to clean. You can wipe up spills with a damp cloth or mild soap—no heavy toxic cleansers or elbow grease required. Vinyl is stain resistant, which makes vinyl rugs perfect for kitchens, breakfast nooks, and entryways.

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Vinyl rugs are exceptionally pet-friendly. They won’t absorb dirt and muck from muddy paws and don’t collect hair like many textile mats do. If there’s a pet accident, a vinyl rug or floormat will clean up completely, leaving no telltale trace behind. If you’ve got a new puppy, kitten, or nervous rescue dog in the house, vinyl rugs are unparalleled as pet-friendly floor coverings.

Browse our large collection of artistic patterns and colors in vinyl rugs and choose a few for your home. Your floors will thank you!