Your mailbox does more than receive correspondence, bills, and advertising flyers. It makes a statement about your home, the sensibilities of the people who live there, and the type of welcome visitors can expect. Learn ways to spruce up your mailbox for the ultimate curb appeal. Before you start, be sure to check USPS rules. Also, check the homeowner’s association’s regulations if you’re part of one.

Clean and Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Step back and take a critical look at your mailbox. Odds are it looks a little forlorn. It may be a bit dusty, or if it’s a wood mailbox, the weather may have gotten the better of it. If you think it’s salvageable, give it a thorough cleaning.

Choose a color that coordinates with your home’s exterior. You can paint your box in place or temporarily remove it—just don’t leave your mail carrier with no place to deliver your mail! Use spray paint all over. If you have an artistic flair, add flowers, bees, or rainbow patterns on top. You can even line the inside of the box with self-stick shelf paper, or leftover gift wrap secured with decoupage.

Surround the Base With Flowers

Mailboxes look great when flowering vines grow up the post, but you have to keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t obscure your house number or make it difficult to open and close the box.

An alternative is to create a flowerbed at the base, perhaps with an evergreen shrub growing at the back where it won’t interfere with your mailbox’s function. Use natural rocks or bricks as a border, create a low raised bed with cedar boards, or build a small retaining wall of concrete blocks.


Create Versatility for the Seasons

Adapting the look of your mailbox according to the changing seasons is a great way to add more curb appeal. Installing magnetic mailbox covers is simpler and faster than painting or planting, making seasonal changes a breeze.

When summer fades, and autumn rolls around, remove your summer-themed mailbox cover and replace it with one that complements the crisp days and gorgeous colors of autumn.

Then, when the winter holidays approach, change your decorative mailbox cover again to add holiday cheer or feature snowy scenes.

Spruce up your mailbox to create more curb appeal and signal to neighbors, guests, and passersby that your home is welcoming, beautiful, and artistic—inside and out. Good luck with your mailbox improvements!