MailWraps started it all. In 1988, Curt and Sue Todd wanted a way to decorate their mailbox for the Christmas season, but they couldn't find anything in stores around town like they imagined. The couple got creative and came up with the simple but brilliant idea for a magnetic mailbox cover.

The first collection of MailWrap designs was launched in 1989. Over the first few years, Curt and Sue received hundreds of hand-written letters from customers who couldn't get enough of the unique concept. 


From Basements to Buildings to Bigger Buildings

Things weren't perfect at first but after a bumpy start, wholesale interest grew and the company began selling to independent retail shops. As demand picked up, so did the need for more space. Curt and Sue finally moved their small mail-order business out of the basement and into an office/warehouse space. The company, then known as Magnet Works, grew at an incredible pace and went through three buildings in just three years - each time moving into a larger facility.

For almost 15 years, MailWraps was the only product we sold - it was a true fan favorite. Yard Designs, BreezeArt flags, and MatMates were eventually introduced to our offering and got a fantastic response from retailers.


A Name Change

We knew we had to continue to release innovative products to help our mom-and-pop retail shops set themselves apart. In 2013 we launched a new division, Studio M, with completely unique concepts like Art Poles and a miniature gardening line designed by artist Genevieve Gail. 

The reaction to our new concepts was overwhelmingly positive and just two years later we rebranded from Magnet Works to Studio M, pulling all of our innovative concepts - from MailWraps to Art Poles - under one name. Watch the video we made announcing the change below!



Continuing to Create

Every season, our team of talented product developers partners with talented artists around the world to create exciting new products. From new designs to completely new product lines, there's always something new! We strive to offer quality products that are as unique and beautiful as each and every one of our customers!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about our story. If you want to know more about our brand, visit our Discover Page!