Seasonal and holiday-themed garden flags add color and curb appeal to your home. You can display smaller flags on your lawn or opt for larger sizes that you can mount on your front porch. You can also hang garden flags on exterior walls.

So what’s the best way to display decorative garden flags? The short answer is whichever way works best for you! Consider these options:

Using a Stand

Insert garden flag stands into the ground around your flower beds, by your front walk, or near your front stoop. You can also set them up at the end of your driveway to call attention to your house numbers or to create a marker for visitors: “It’s the one with the geranium flag by the mailbox out front.”

If you plan to display your garden flag in a windy location, consider adding wind clips, or rubber stoppers for stability.

On a Pole

Large house flags (standard flags) look wonderful when hung from a flagpole that extends from a porch pillar. This setup gives the flag the best chance to unfurl and wave gently in the breeze so visitors notice its color and pattern.

On Your Front Door

Use garden flags as door hangings. Choose a smaller flag that doesn’t overwhelm your door but creates a nice proportion of door-to-decoration. Change the flags seasonally to offer a festive welcome.

On Your Exterior Wall

Garden flags look great when hung with all four corners attached to your exterior wall near the front door. Consider hanging a garden flag as if it were wall art under your porch roof.

As a Window Shade

Finally, if you’re concerned about losing your garden flag due to inclement weather or wind, consider hanging it inside a window, facing outward. This way, passers-by can still enjoy the design while your flag is safe inside.

The best way to display decorative garden flags depends on your style, your home’s scale and how it sits on your lot, and how much outside space you have available. Decorative garden flags are versatile enough to look great along a walk, hanging from a porch pillar, on a door, or in a flower bed. Keep several on hand to change seasonally or to celebrate holidays and add a festive appeal to your yard.