Your front door is the main entrance to your home, even if you usually come in through the garage. The front door is a statement of welcome, and a big hint of what visitors should expect when they’re admitted into your home. Here are some additional reasons why decorating your front door is important.

Front Door Decorations Show You’re Home

Even if you’re not really home, front door decorations show someone lives in the home and cares about how it looks. Front door décor welcomes visitors and deters vandals and thieves by showing that someone is paying attention.

Why Decorating Your Front Door Is Important

Decorating Your Front Door Welcomes Positive Energy

The Chinese practice of Feng Shui dictates that the front entrance to your home is the path of xi (“chi”), or energy. You want to welcome positive energy into your home and allow it to flow through your home, bestowing good luck.

Feng Shui masters have detailed ways of determining everything from what color your front door should be to what type of decorations you should hang on it. The principles of Feng Shui include some very practical pointers: keep your entrance area free of clutter, make sure it is well lit and easy to find, and that the path to the door is free of obstructions. Add natural elements like planters filled with seasonal flowers for lively energy.


Although homeowner’s associations can be strict about exterior décor, a little individuality breaks up the monotony of a subdivision’s matching homes. Door décor can express your individuality and appreciation for art and design without disrupting the tidiness of the neighborhood.

In addition to door hangings, use a clean and colorful welcome mat, a house flag, or a decorative garden art pole to give visitors a clue to the creativity they’ll find when they visit your home.

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Why Decorating Your Front Door Is Important