One of the joys of home ownership is selecting furniture, colors, textures, and decor pieces that reflect your personality and your idea of what a home should look like. The outside of your home creates the first impression for family and guests. It also sets an expectation of what may lie beyond the front door. Setting a casual, formal, modern, or artistic tone for your home begins with your landscaping. Here are other reasons why your garden should reflect your style.

You Take Good Care of Things You Love

When your surroundings match your style, you’re happy to do the work required to keep things looking clean and bright. When you create a garden filled with plants you love and artistic accents like decorative flags or art poles, you’ll be eager to get out there and do the necessary weeding and deadheading. Even mowing the lawn becomes less of a chore when you know how much you’ll savor the results.


Your Garden Complements Your Home

Every house expresses an architectural style. Yours may be traditional, mid-century modern, or urban industrial. You chose that house because something about its style spoke to you, not just because it had the right number of bedrooms.

You can reflect your home’s style in your garden. A traditional, Federal-style house may want a more structured, formal garden. A flowery, meadow style might better suit a Cape Cod cottage.

It isn’t necessary to strictly conform your garden to your home’s architecture. You can soften the lines of an industrial-style home with breezy grasses. Add some formality to your cottage with a corner hardscape featuring a seating area and pergola.


Outdoor Areas Need Decor, Too

You spend hours selecting the right fabrics, colors, and textures for your indoor spaces. Family heirlooms and decorative pieces you’ve picked up at local art fairs or on your travels add character.

Outdoor spaces benefit from decorative additions as well. Our unique garden art poles are a wonderful way to add height, structure, and style to your garden with an artistic touch. Add a bird bath or bird house art pole to emphasize your appreciation for wildlife around your home.

If you would like to add a bit of inspiration to your garden, you can place some angel figurines to peek out from between plants. Welcome mats and door decor carry the theme right to your entry and create a pleasing transition between your home’s exterior and what lies within.

Reflecting your style in your garden creates a peaceful sense of unity between your home’s interior and exterior. You’ll enjoy time inside and out more with a garden that includes artistic elements like decorative planters, flags, or figurines chosen to harmonize with your home and your personality.